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Karibu - Welcome to Tanzania!

Introduction Safari MakersImagine yourself on the vast plains of Serengeti amidst a herd of wildebeest, zebras and antelope,as lions choose their prey from the multitudes before them. You are a close observer as the drama of predator versus prey unfolds before your eyes.

Picture a group of stately giraffes ambling across the plains as a spectacular African sun sets behind an umbrella acacia tree; or visualize yourself standing on the snow of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa as the sun rises in the east. Basking on a sunny beach in Zanzibar you relive the dream vacation of a lifetime. To dream of such experiences is one thing, to experience it is quite another.

These can be YOUR experiences when you visit Tanzania- Africa's premier destination Safari Makers Limited is here to help your dreams become reality and to bring to you the holiday you have always dreamed about.

*Please do not use guestbook to request safari information. Contact us by email only.