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Formerly a Game Reserve since 1951, Mkomazi was upgraded into a ‘National Park’ status in 2008. It is located 6km from Same town, covering an area of 3,245square km. The name ‘Mkomazi’is a combination of two words from the Pare ethnic language; “Mko and Mazi”.   “Mko” means a traditional tiny wooden spoon used by the Pare people for eating and “Mazi” means water. This implies that water in the Park is hardly enough to fill up the wooden spoon.

How to get there

  By Road: Mkomazi is located north eastern Tanzania 120km from Moshi, 155km from

Kilimanjaro International Airport, 200km from Arusha and 500km from Dar es

salaam via Same town.

  By Air: Several companies arrange charter flights to Mkomazi.

Best time to visit: 

June – January.

Tourism activities

Game drives – This activity is conducted from 0630 – 1830 HRS, no additional fee for this activity. Four wheel (4X4) drive vehicles are recommended.

Short walking safari: Dindira trail (4km) which takes about 3hrs

Hiking: Mbula Hill Trail (5km) which takes about 4hrs to ascend and descend. The best time to conduct the activity is early morning and late afternoon.

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